Fundraising Success

When you hold a "Night at the Races" event, you get more than just "how-to" instructions. We personally ensure your event is a success! Individualized attention for each organization includes the following:

  • A racetrack-style "betting booth" with 10 or 12 betting windows, one "Daily Double/Perfecta/Trifecta" window and of course, the all-important "cash" window!
  • A show-stopping 9' x 12' projection video screen (smaller size available if needed).
  • Our horse races are presented on DVD and projected professionally with a 2000 Lumen (brightness) projector.
  • Professional sound system, enthusiastic DJ & MC to announce the races and generate excitement.
  • You choose the number of races that suit your needs, as well as 10 or 12 horses per race.
  • All races are called as the horses run, personalized with the names your sponsors have given their horses!
  • One "backroom coordinator" that will guide your volunteers through the various betting procedures.
  • STAR Entertainment also provides plenty of numbered betting slips for every race, as well as all paperwork and pens needed to keep your event organized. If you wish, we can even help you with your racing program design and advertising ideas.

STAR Entertainment knows what you need to put on an event that will be remembered for years to come. Your non-profit group can raise thousands of dollars in one evening of excitement and fun. Our tried-and-true method has worked for hundreds of fundraising groups in the Midwest. We'll even meet with your organization to answer all your questions and give you some great ideas on how to maximize your profit potential. Trust us to maximize your fundraising dollars!

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